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How to reset your mindset for treats

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Having a healthy mindset for treats...is that even possible?

Let's be real, more often then not ‘treats’ are associated with food. We ‘treat’ our children to an ice cream, finger bun or drive through. We ‘treat’ ourselves to a chocolate bar or a whole packet of biscuits. The words 'healthy' and 'treats' don't usually go together.

The term 'treats' has become associated with ‘naughty’ ‘indulgent’ ‘sugar-hit’ ‘junk-food’.

How is it really a ‘treat’ for our children to be subjected to a chemical concoction of additives that are linked to behaviour issues, asthma, skin irritations and even tumors? *

How is it really a ‘treat’ for our body to be bloated with cheaply produced refined-carb loaded foods that make us feel sluggish, sleepy and cranky soon afterwards?

How is really a ‘treat’ for our body to be given a sugar hit that causes a crash of energy and mood soon afterwards so we need to spend more money on another hit?

What if what we meant by ‘treats’ was in fact ‘nourishing’ 'nurturing' and ‘loving’. How would you ‘treat’ yourself and your family then?

I frequently get asked... ‘don’t you treat yourself’?

This question used to baffle me, until I realised that it was my mindset and definition for treats that was different. Of course I treat myself, treats give pleasure - and we all like that!

Everyday I feel like I’m ‘treating’ myself with beautiful real foods that are nourishing, delicious and satisfying. Importantly they are helping to keep me a happier, healthier and calmer mother and woman.

If I want some dark chocolate, piece of homemade cake or even a gluten-free brownie at a café I will have it…but I believe the important thing is I don’t call it a ‘treat’. I just call it chocolate or cake. I enjoy it without guilt or the negative self-talk.

Mindset Reset Challenge

Start to re-train your brain’s association between the word ‘treat’ and junk food.
  • For the next month, be very mindful and catch yourself before you use the word ‘treat’. Even with your children or work colleagues. Become aware of WHEN you say it and WHAT you are calling a ‘treat’. 
  • Start associating the real clean foods that you are eating as ‘treating yourself’. Food is for nourishing and nurturing yourself, love your body and it will love you back. 

As always, be kind to yourself. Sustainable habit changes take time.



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