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Parties and food changes…how do they go together?

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So you're on a healing journey, protocol or new lifestyle change....what about the upcoming parties?

Tips for joining in the social parties while still honouring yourself and the health and healing choices you have made.

  • Focus on all the foods you CAN have. This is not about depriving yourself at all. Enjoy your favourite seafood or quality pieces of meat with gourmet salads and homemade desserts.  Focus on the food that you feel good eating and that your body will love you for. Treat your body and yourself with nourishing food so you continue to feel good. Read more about the mindset of treats here.
  • On non-party days be extra clean with your eating. Nourish yourself with lots of vegetables (partially leafy greens), small quantities of quality protein and good fats. This will help your moods stay calmer and happier for helping to make wise choices at the next occasion. Remember your bone broths and small quantities of fermented foods daily.

  • Make suggestions and contribute a dish to the party. This is definitely not about judging anyone else or making anyone else wrong. This is just about being proactive with your health and so you can relax and know that there will be food you will enjoy and feel good the next day from. Suggest BBQs, roast and seafood platters for gatherings and fill your plate with quality protein, vegetables and salads. Contribute a dish for the main course and/or take along homemade dips for nibbles and chocolate treats for afterwards. When eating out suggest restaurants that you know have gluten-free options and/or are accommodating to food intolerances and take the lead to be the organiser and make the booking (others will appreciate that anyway). You can ask questions about the menu when you book. 
  • Have confidence to ask the host or chef if dishes are gluten-free or whatever else is your non-negotiable. Most restaurants are becoming very adapted to this now, so don’t be worried about asking for what you need. 
  • Choose your favourite wine glass and make yourself a kombucha or kefir mocktail. Serve a fancy jug of infused water with slices of fruit and mint leaves. No need for your drinks to be boring - make them special too.  
  • Take along your own jar of homemade mayonnaise or dressing to dress up a plain salad and so the good fat helps keep you full and satisfied. 
  • Make a double batch of bliss balls to have in the freezer for whenever last minute gatherings happen. That way you are less likely to give-in to other temptations and still feel like you are joining in the celebrations. 
  • Make entertaining and socializing less about the food. Food will always be an important part of tradition and culture. But it doesn’t need to be the focus of the whole day. Sitting for hours around tables of food, drinks and nibbles is not ideal for anyone. Take some sports gear and start a game. Suggest a walk to the park or around the block after the meal. Picnic at the beach or near a pool. Go and play with the kids (they will LOVE it!) Start new traditions that are not based on food. 
  • At Christmas make up jars of Granola or raw desserts as presents. Share the love and believe in the ripple effect. You never know, the conversation starter might just be what someone is looking for. 
  • Hydrate with lots of water and give priority to sleep. Yes we have all heard this before but we don’t always listen. These two elements are two key influences on your health. Get to bed earlier on non-party days. Have a couple of glasses of water on waking and keep up the water intake throughout the day. Don’t underestimate the effect of dehydration on your moods, energy levels, skin and overall health.

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