Please note this class is for those people who have attended our ‘Healing the Gut’ fermentation introduction workshop.

If you haven't attended our intro workshop, but already have started to use the Kultured Wellness cultures and/or make your own kombucha and another ferment, then please feel free to contact us if you are interested in attending this workshop to discuss.

Get set to re-connect, refresh and take your gut healing and fermenting journey to the next level.
  • Strengthening the gut lining and healing from leaky gut
  • Improving stomach acids, digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Reducing pain and inflammation
  • Rebuilding after antibiotics and medications
  • Increasing energy and mental clarity
  • Improving mental health (depression, anxiety, low moods)
  • Reducing bloating and aiding weight loss
  • Reducing candida overgrowth
  • Building up and supporting the immune system


Learn more about what you can do to help yourself and your family.
  • Understanding contributing factors
  • How to minimise future damage
  • What to eat to nourish and feed the microbiota
  • What are prebiotics and resistant starches
  • Benefits of wild vs cultured ferments
  • Supporting the liver in detox
  • Fruits and vegetables to aid in detoxification
  • Vitamin C gummies for kids without the artificial colours, flavours and fillers
  • Which ferments may help with which conditions


Fermentation Reminders and Troubleshooting
  • Are any of your ferments sitting in the back of the cupboard or fridge?
  • Did you make the yoghurt or kefir once and not really enjoy it?
  • Did something happen to a batch and you're not sure why?

Don't worry we’ll cover frequently asked questions and troubleshooting to get you back on track and re-motivated so you can keep enjoying the probiotic goodness.

If you have been making only one thing from the intro workshop, or making all five things you are very welcome in this class. Time to refresh, keep learning and move forward step by step.


Yum - lots more demonstrations and taste tests!

This master class is all about you finding way to LOVE and ENJOY your ferments. Class will include delicious breakfast, snack, sides and drink ideas and recipes to incorporate your ferments into your everyday lives:

  • Flavoured kombucha (using the 2nd ferment technique)
  • Probiotic jelly and gummies
  • Anti-inflammatory chia pudding
  • Fermented fruit
  • Fermented vegetables
  • Beet Kvass liver tonic
  • Chocolate and macadamia yoghurt pudding
  • Fermented mocktails and detox smoothie shots

Masterclass group limited to 10 people

Payment and Terms:

Tickets $97 per person.

Yes! By request we will accept part payments via bank transfer instead please contact us.

Up to 7 days prior ticket may be transferred to another workshop. After this time the payment is forfeited. You may transfer/sell the ticket to another person provided they have attended the intro workshop.

Will there be a Fermentation Masterclass in Castle Hill or Wahroonga?

Sorry not at this stage.  Come for a drive, easy parking at both the Richmond and Penrith venues.

Something happened to my SCOBY can I get another one at the class?
Yes for sure! In this class we will trouble shoot what may have gone wrong and I will encourage people with excess SCOBYs to bring them to re-home. Great chance to learn from other participants about their 2nd ferment and flavouring favourites.

UPCOMING Fermentation Masterclasses:

BONUS Early Bird Gift for 2018 bookings made by midnight 30th November 2017

  • RICHMOND Sunday 14th January 2018 1pm-4pm - **SOLD OUT**

Penrith Workshop Location

Leep Training Room, 688 Great Western Highway, Penrith NSW

Richmond Workshop Location

Hawkesbury Leisure and Learning Centre, 114 March Street, Richmond NSW

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