Make 2017 the year to reset and get back into life instead of watching from the sidelines! With more energy, happier moods, less pain and symptoms, and being a healthier role model for your family. 

"Before attending the Food for Wellness Group Reset I had some idea of what 'clean eating' was. By completing this course I now know what it looks and feels like. There has been so many health benefits I feel like I am living my life now rather than watching it go by. Melinda is a fantastic trainer and coach and I urge other people thinking about this course to just do it!! "(Erin - 2016 Food for Wellness 5 Week Group Reset participant)

"Loved everything! Recipes, taste tests, the way the information was broken down into easily digestible portions. The information was easy to understand. The support from each other was amazing and the accountability was extremely helpful. To other people thinking about this course I’d say…Do it! Put yourself, your health, your being first!" (Janina - 2016 Food for Wellness 5 Week Group Reset participant)

"Hey Melinda, my wife and I attended your Food for Wellness 5 Week course back in November. Hope all's well and you're getting plenty of new people to do your amazing life changing course. Lost 16kg now so going well and can start training again when I find some time and finished renovations. But truly feel amazing. Full of energy. Thanks so much for all your help and I’m telling anyone who wants to listen or who I think would benefit from the course and just relaying my positive energy and great experiences and results from the lifestyle changes." (Chris - 2016 Food for Wellness 5 Week Group Reset participant)

"After doing this course I'm now more confident in the kitchen, knowledgable about what our body needs and motivated because this approach is natural and sits well with my philosophy and values.  I've lost 6kg and 3cm off my waist. My PMS symptoms have dramatically decreased! I have less headaches, more energy, sleep better and I feel like I'm being the best momma I can beI would 200% recommend it & I'm really sad the 5 weeks is up. I hated cooking but now look forward to it and I'm excited to try new things and experiment. Do people want to be happy, healthy, energetic? DO THIS COURSE! " (Cara - 2017 Food for Wellness 5 Week Group Reset participant)

Now you can choose from the 5 Week Group Reset or 1-Day intensive version, scroll down for all the details. If you would like to discuss which would suit you better please don't hesitate to contact us

Food for Wellness Group Reset

Food as medicine: Step by Step to gluten-free whole foods for health, healing and sustainable weight loss

Would you like to:

  • Increase your energy and improve your moods?
  • Reduce bloating and pesky digestive issues?
  • Get off the diet rollercoaster and eat without guilt, starvation or counting calories or carbs?
  • Find a natural way to rebalance hormones, ease pains and symptoms? 
  • Be a healthy and happy role model for your children?
  • Learn how to nurture and nourish your gut health to help with diabetes, autoimmune, depression, anxiety and other conditions.

Food for Wellness Group Reset

  • Understand WHY and WHAT foods will give you more energy, help you heal, lose weight sustainably, and thrive.
  • Friendly, non-judgemental and supportive group setting so you can create and embed new habits step by step to reset your life.
  • Learn how to rebalance the hormones as you lose weight so you don't yoyo back and thus can get off the diet rollercoaster once and for all
  • Elevate your knowledge and confidence to help yourself and your family.
  • Improve your relationship to food and your body.
  • Learn how to listen to your body and enjoy beautiful food without guilt, starvation or counting anything!
  • Practical tips, delicious and easy recipes and take home resources. 

Be the ripple affect you wish to create

This is not a diet. This is about nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve your gut health, decrease inflammation and start giving your body what it needs to heal and thrive. So you can get on with doing the things you love and have more energy for the people you love! 

Everyone will be at different stages and that's ok!
We have had people attend that have been gluten-free for years, dabbled in low carb, Paleo or LCHC, others have been very new to any of this information. So whether you need to kick-start or re-invigorate your wellness journey we can all benefit from continuous learning, tips and inspiration. Everyone is encouraged to run their own race and the discussion and support by the group is a valuable part of this experience.

It’s time to make yourself a priority and reset for the healthier, happier and more energetic you!

If you have questions please don't hesitate to Contact Melinda

Food for Wellness Reset (1 Day Intensive)

Can't find the time to attend the 5 week course? Now you can kick start or reinvigorate your clean eating lifestyle in 1 day!

"I would heartily recommend this workshop - especially to people to are just starting out in the GF/Clean eating journey. It was a great refresher for me, I gained a tremendous amount of confidence from the day. The food was fabulous - M.Tea/Lunch/A.tea a real bonus and it was all scrumptious. " (Louise)

"I attended knowing I needed to go gluten-free but not knowing how. Definitely gained some practical strategies to help overcome some obstacles. Very inspired to make positive changes. I loved meeting like-minded people, really enjoyed trying the recipes and gained clarification on some issues i.e. high cholesterol/benefits of fats. Great day Mel - would definitely recommend" (Lyn)

"We attended as my husband and I wanted to make sure the rest of our lives are healthy for our family and how to go about doing that. We gained valuable tips on how to transition to this healthy lifestyle. Great breakfast ideas. Enjoyed all the steps/tips to slowly transition to GF, friendly easy-going nature, learning about your back story." (Jenny & Stephen)

"Thank you for a lovely day. I really enjoyed it all learnt lots of tips. Nice food prepared and served during the day. I wouldn't change anything, the way you presented and the pace was perfect. Well done!" (Eli)

Content includes:

  • 3 Key Elements to successful and lasting habit changes
  • Breakfasts to start your day off well
  • Nourishing and filling snacks
  • Delicious throw-together and packed lunches
  • Budget friendly dinners and boring-free vegetables
  • Why consider gluten-free and lower carbs and how to do that the healthy way
  • Why fats are important and which oils to avoid for health
  • Why reduce sugar and tips for overcoming sugar cravings
  • How to make better choices at the supermarket and tips for sourcing quality foods locally
  • 4 Phase Checklists of small doable steps to keep you track and moving forward in your own time.


  • Gain knowledge and confidence to help yourself and your family.
  • Friendly group environment, be inspired and connect with likeminded people.
  • Helpful tips, delicious and easy recipes and take home resources.
  • Practical workshop with recipe demonstrations and taste tests.

BONUS: Will include 4 weeks post-workshop email and text support for follow-up questions and implementation support as you start to embed new life changing habits step by step.


Food for Wellness Reset (1 Day Intensive)



  • RICHMOND Saturday 21st October 2017 9am - 5pm **1 place has just opened up!! please contact us.
  • RICHMOND Saturday 18th November 2017 9am - 5pm **4 places left** contact us to secure your place


LOCATION: Hawkesbury Leisure and Learning Centre, 114 March Street, Richmond NSW. 


FULLY CATERED EVENT - Includes all food and drinks for the day as part of the Food for Wellness experience - tea/coffee/herbal tea on arrival, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea. All food will be gluten-free, and made from quality grass-fed and organic produce. 

Participants will help prepare some of the food as part of the recipe demonstations. Recipe demonstrations are done in a thermomix, however all recipes can be easily done in other appliances. Group size is limited to 8 people.

Investment in your health and wellness:  $297 per person, $497 per couple.


**Book both workshop experiences and save!**

Attend both our 'Food for Wellness Reset (1 Day Intensive)' and 'Healing the gut' workshop to kick-start or re-invigorate your wellness journey.

These workshops are the perfect compliment to each other. Learn all the fundamentals for gut health and vitality, resetting habits and your relationship to food. Boost your energy, improve your moods, ease aches and pains naturally and get off the diet roller coster for life! 

Food for Wellness 1 Day + Healing the Gut workshop ticket (your choice of upcoming workshop dates pending availability) $317 per person, $557 per couple 


Deposit, Payment and Terms:

Deposit required to secure your place $100 per person, $147 per couple.

Balance due 7 days prior via bank transfer. Alternative payment plan considered on request.

Up to 7 days prior ticket may be transferred to another person or a future workshop. After this time all payments are forfeited. 


HOW TO BOOK: Please contact us to book your place. Deposit is required within 48hr to secure your place. 


Take change one step at a time for lasting and sustainable results

Food for Wellness 5 Week Group Reset

This is most cost effective way to gain support over 5 weeks with over 12 hours of learning and coaching time + support in between to take ACTION step by step so you can start experiencing the benefits and set yourself up with positive habits for life!!



  • Learning spaced out over 5 weeks for less overwhelm. 
  • Gain knowledge and confidence to help yourself and your family.
  • Friendly and supportive group environment, be inspired and connect with likeminded people.
  • Weekly group accountability and coaching so you actually follow-through this time and feel the benefits.
  • Helpful tips, delicious and easy recipes and take home resources.
  • Recipe demonstration and taste tests each week

5 Weekly Workshops (2 1/2 hours per week):

WEEK 1 – Laying strong foundations for lasting and successful habit changes

WEEK 2 – Breakfasts + Why gluten-free

WEEK 3 – Nourishing and filling snacks + why less sugar

WEEK 4 – Lunches and lunch boxes + Why healthy fats

WEEK 5 – Budget friendly dinners and tips for eating out + Holistic Approach

(Recipe demonstration and taste tests included each week)

*Week 2 will go longer if participants choose to include a bonus screening of the important Australian made documentary 'What's With Wheat?'. 

Investment in your health: $397 per person or couple $697.


Contact Us to express interest in future rounds.

Want to organise your own workplace, client or friend group of 6-8 people?
Please contact us to discuss further.