Are you a company, small business or organisation that values your staff's wellbeing and health?


Poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle choices is a big stress on the body and contributes to sickness, low moods, low energy and brain fog.


Offer a subsidised group or individual program to interested individuals to help create healthier, more energetic and focused employees.


A win-win for everybody!


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"Melinda has this amazing ability to connect with her audience, show her high level of expertise and at the same time inspire mindfulness around health that leads to real transformations. Melinda's message is simple yet crucial for all of us. When I first heard her speak I was impressed at how easily she could convey the science and beliefs behind why we need to commit to better health, not only through what she has done for her own family, but showing us how easily we can achieve great health & wellness too! "   - Jodie Nolan, Economist